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Power Authority called on to do more for Flood Mitigation

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Lopez wants NYPA Hydro Plant to be Ready for Next Flood

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Assemblyman Pete Lopez NYPA Documents

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NYPA Files Blenheim-Gilboa Updated Study Report 2/17/2017

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NYPA Files USR Meeting Summary with FERC 3/20/2017

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Spring Flood Potential Outlook

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How Climate Change May Affect You

To help New York State communities plan for effects of climate change, new graphics are now available showing the increased likelihood of heavy precipitation events. These graphs, called Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) curves, show anticipated increases of storm events from 2- to 100-year intervals, and are projected into the future as far as 2099. Read the New Precipitation Models for New York State News Release January 17, 2017. The graphs can be found at NY IDF Projections NRCC Cornell

Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety

Get the latest recommendations on how new dam spillways can be designed, and existing older ones modified, to safely pass major flood events.
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PDF on Dams, Reservoirs and Earthquakes

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Living with Dams

Living with Dams: Know Your Risks and Extreme Rainfall Events. Read the Living Near Dams eBooks. Prepared by Association of State Dam Officials

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