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Soil and Water announce Grant for 3 USGS Stream Gages on Schoharie Creek

Read SWCD Awarded FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant by Peter M Nichols

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DEP Opened 4,180 Additional Acres of Property for Hiking, Hunting and Other Outdoor Recreation

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has opened access to 4, 180 Additional Acres of property where outdoor enthusiasts can hike, hunt and participate in other low-impact recreation. Read the DEP Press Release for more information.

NYPA Blenheim/Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project Docket # 2685

Register on-line with the FERC eLibrary to read letters and study requests regarding the relicensing of the NYPA Blenheim/Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project Docket # 2685.

Go to FERC eLibrary to register. Project Docket # 2685

Check the Gilboa Dam water levels

This "Live" hydrograph courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service shows the Schoharie Creek at Gilboa Dam water level changes over time. The Flood Categories ( in feet ) are based on NYCDEP spillway curve with notch.

Schoharie Creek at Gilboa Dam Hydrograph

Flood Categories ( in feet )

Major Flood Stage:
Moderate Flood Stage:
Flood Stage:
Action Stage: